Outdoor Activities on the Island

The incredible diversity of animal and plant life makes Ometepe a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy ziplining, biking, kayaking, and hiking all in the same day.

Climb Concepcion

One of the most cone-shaped volcanos in the Americas. It is still active and can frequently produce vapors and lava flow. Despite this, one can hike up the volcano for those up to the challenge!

Climb Maderas

Unlike Concepcion, Maderas has a truncated cone with a lagoon on top that one can swim in! It is surrounded by a lush forest with so much wildlife that UNESCO has declared the site a biosphere reserve.

Explore Pre-Colombian Petroglyphs

The Indians of the area considered the island as sacred and an “Oasis of Peace.” As a result, the island has many relics and idols which makes it one of the great rock art destinations in the world. This petroglyph is located about 200 yards from Finca Ometepe, and there are many others to find close by as well.

Haris Horses

Riding with Hari and his team is one of my favorite things to do on the island. The horses are treated well, the saddles comfortable, and the views are gorgeous.

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Ojo de Agua

This natural spring boasts two pools of crystal clear water which purportedly keeps one young and beautiful. Definitely worth a try for only $3 per person.

Rio Istian

This river lies in-between Ometepe’s two volcanoes and boasts a vast ecosystem. Perfect to explore by kayak, one can admire a plethora of birds and plants, and if you are lucky, a turtle or caiman.

San Ramon Waterfall

One reaches the waterfall after hiking two hours from the biological station in San Ramon. The waterfall comes from volcano Maderas and cascades into a small pool. $3 admission fee.

Santa Domingo Beach

A lovely beach that sports views of each volcano. Perfect for sunbathing, swimming and enjoying the view.


If you are looking for some adventure during your stay in Ometepe, this zip line company may be for you. It requires a small hike up the hill, and then you ride zip lines stretching across the forests which overlook beautiful views of the lake down below.

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